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brian nigus
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1 Pound Red Yarn, Tape

Excerpt from Red.

"Viewing works from Edith Abeyta, I. M. Pei and Partners, and Tomas Saraceno made me realize the fantastic wonder that came with suspending these frames that surrounded always changing two-dimensional planes. Opposed to looking down, you are invited to look up and gaze in wonder, reminiscent of times past when looking up meant imagining what was out there in the universe, connecting the dots with the stars, watching the clouds go by, and in general, being at that age when wonder and amazement were ok to have and answers didn’t need to be had. These multitudes of suspended frames capture infinite pictures and vantage points and allow you to wonder what has passed through them, what is passing through them, and what will pass through them. In this way we can see the first two dimensions, acting alongside time, and we can appreciate them within our three dimensional world." -Brian Nigus

"There is nothing you can see through. You see." -Cole Swensen

Red from Brian Nigus on Vimeo.