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brian nigus
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Found Studio Table, 25 Empty Wine Bottles, 1 Bottle of Wine, Glass, Copper, 25 Years
2010 to 2034

A collaboration with the Burren College of Art, and its visitors.


This is the home page for the Burren College of Art's 25-Year-Long Time Capsule Table. You will find a description of the project, process photos, an email sign up for the 2034 party, and a PDF version of the User's Guide. Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to sign up for the annual birthday email that will give updates to the table, as well as any outstanding events that may happen in the table's lifetime. There will only be one e-mail per year, unless extreme circumstances arise. The e-mail address you provide will be kept private and will never be used for spam. If you change your e-mail address feel free to contact me at, and I will gladly update your e-mail address! This is also how you will be contacted for the 2034 party!

Along with relational and ecological studies, the Burren College of Art's 25-Year-Long Time Capsule Table was my main focus while studying abroad in Ireland. The "family room style coffee table" invites people to gather. Inside of the table there are twenty-six wine bottles. The first twenty-five are labeled with a year, form 2010 to 2034 (the twenty-sixth is filled with wine, to age, and to turn into vinegar for cooking in the year 2034). On the long sides of the table, there are holes that expose the opening to the first twenty-five bottles. During each year, students, staff, and visitors are invited to place an object small enough to fit through the wine bottle representing their time spent at the school. At the end of each year, the corresponding wine bottle is corked shut. At the end of the twenty-five years, there will be an opening ceremony to correspond with the school's 40th anniversary. All past students from the twenty-five years, staff, residents of Ballyvaughan, and the President of Ireland, will be invited to attend the ceremony. By inviting the residents and President of Ireland, I hope to democratize the project and make more communities aware of the idea of gathering and interdependent art praxis. I do not simply want artists to celebrate with artists, because although we do support each other, we must also be aware that we are supported by many other communities as well, (who are also supported by us practicing artists). While spending time with Kinji Akagawa and being heavily influenced by Yi-Fu Tuan, I have been introduced to the ideas of ecology and community, using recycled materials, and community involvement to keep this project alive.

Click here to view the PDF version of the User's Guide for the table.