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soft feet

brian nigus
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Sawyer Lake Residency was a weekend long residency in Wolf River, Wisconsin. The programming was created in conjunction with Tim Stoelting.

Participating artists included Sinead Eby, Caitlin Hastert, Erin Krembs and Jake Platt.

"Located four hours north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Sawyer Lake Residency is a retreat from the hustle of the urban environment. Immerse yourself in studio readings and writings, and engage in critical discussion with fellow residents. Or go hiking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and napping. While participating in any activity is optional, we do ask that residents take on a shift of cooking and cleaning at some point during their stay.

Residents are responsible for providing their own food, as well as any individual needs. Group transportation will be arranged. The 4-season cabin contains sleeping spaces for up to seven residents and one facilitator, though individual bedding and sleeping bags are suggested during the colder months. A full kitchen allows for group meals, modern bathrooms and showers are available, and indoor/outdoor fire pits facilitate evening discussions year-round."